OSD Sea Doo Buzzer Assembly #10 - Many Newer Models

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One of the most overlooked parts to a Sea Doo is the buzzer alarm. Almost every older ski that comes in our shop has a non functional buzzer. That's because over time moisture kills them. It's just the nature of the beast when it comes to those. People don't realize but not only does it give you the two beeps when your lanyard is installed (on most 1996 and newer models), but it's most important function is to alert you if the engine is overheating. So basically the failure of a $50 part can cause you to seriously damage your engine if your cooling system gets plugged or a hose breaks. If you want to know if your buzzer is faulty, the test is simple... with the lanyard removed, push the start button. That engages power for about 1/2 minute and during that time, take the heads temp sensor wire and ground it to the engine. If the buzzer doesn't sound, it's most likely dead.

Now offered are our OSD buzzer assemblies that feature a "Made In USA" buzzer (the same one Sea Doo uses) and are built to the same specs (length, wire color, etc) as oem Sea Doo parts. In the environments these are exposed to, you want the best so thatís what we offer! Replaces Sea Doo p/n 278001586 used on the models listed below.

Fits the following years/models...

2004, 2006-2007 3D 2007 GTI 4-Tec Rental 2007 GTI 4-TEC SE 2007 GTI 4-TEC STD 2003-2005 GTI LE RFI 2002-2004 GTI LE 2006 GTI Rental 2004-2005 GTI RFI STD 2006 GTI SE 2006 GTI STD 2002-2005 GTI 2006 GTX 4-TEC LTD 2006 GTX 4-TEC SC 2003 GTX 4-TEC Wake 2002-2004 GTX 4-TEC 2005 GTX 4-TEC LTD SCIC 2003-2004 GTX 4-TEC LTD SC 2005-2006 GTX 4-TEC STD 2004-2005 GTX 4-TEC SC 2004-2006 GTX 4-TEC Wake 2002-2003 GTX DI 2007 GTX LTD BVIC 2007 GTX STD & Wake 2007 GTX Wake BVIC 2003 RX DI 2004-2007 RXP 2005-2007 RXT 2003-2004 XP DI

Note that as is the case with your local dealer, there is no warranty on new or used electrical parts purchased from us. The reason is that we buy electrical parts with no warranty from our supplier so can't return one no matter what the situation. Since you're ultimately the one who wants to get back on the water, you assume all risk for purchasing a replacement part and agree you will not hold us responsible if it doesn't work or doesn't fix your particular problem. All electrical parts are thoroughly tested at the factory before being shipped to us so they should be in proper working condition when you receive one. We sell lots of electrical parts with few complaints but part failures do rarely occasionally happen so keep that in mind when considering a replacement part. Finally, you'll need to make sure all other electrical components are in proper working condition BEFORE installing a replacement part.

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