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At OSD Marine our specialty is creating complete kits to help repair Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Tigershark, Polaris, Mercruiser and other brands too. Whenever possible, our OSD kits feature "Made in the USA" parts and machining and all our kits are assembled by us. We also have many oem and aftermarket parts suppliers so can offer discounts on OEM Parts, OEM Apparel, and Accessories for your PWC or Boat. We've been in the PWC field for over 20 years and make every effort to know what breaks and what you'll need to fix it.

Parts for the new Sea Doo Spark... We plan on stocking all the OEM "parts that break" as well as offering any popular aftermarket products our suppliers come up with at our alreadly "lower than anyone else" prices. We also will be offering tech info for doing your own service and repairs for those once we get more info so stay tuned...
Note we've been getting some messages asking us about technical information shown on SeaDooSource.com. Although he is located in the area and sends us business occasionally, we only sell the products listed on this site and aren't affiliated with him. If you're interested in one of his services or need his technical expertise, contact him through www.seadoosource.com.

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