Weather Pack

WeatherPack connectors seal against moisture, dust and dirt. Weather Pack Connectors can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, harsh engine compartment fluids and chemicals, making them ideal for industrial, heavy equipment and marine applications.
Weather Pack cable seals are made of a self lubricating silicone and are multi ribbed to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering the connector and causing terminal corrosion. The seal is placed on the wire and then the terminal is crimped to the seal.
Terminals are designed to mate with appropriate cable seals. The female connector, also referred to as a tower connector, and the male connector, also referred to as a shroud connector, lock together with dual-lock tangs to secure terminals firmly into the connector housing, and ensure strong electrical conductivity. Although terminals are normally crimped to the wire, the special crimpers required are very expensive so we prefer to solder them to the wire and recommend that for the do it yourself mechanic as well.