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Jet Pump Repair Service for Sea Doo PWC & Jetboats


For years now we've been rebuilding Jet Pumps for Sea Doo 2 stroke/ 4 stroke(4TEC) PWCs and Boats and have done literally hundreds. Our shop only uses OEM tools and procedures for rebuilds and disassembles/assembles every type properly using a heavy duty hydraulic press (no hammer gets near your bearings). We also stock pretty much any part needed for a pump rebuild including new oem housings. As for prices, our parts are always cheaper than oem (even our oem parts!) and most other aftermarket parts as well. If you're interested in sending in a pump for possible rebuild, here's how it works...

If interested in our rebuild service, you would purchase this service contract through the site then once complete we'll e-mail you instructions on sending your pump in for a repair quote. The price paid when you order this item covers labor for disassembly/assembly of new pump and return shipping of a rebuilt pump or your parts if you choose not to go with a build. If we find your pump is a basket case and you decide not to go with a new pump build, we would keep half of the service estimate for labor and return your parts via FedEx ground (or USPS if less expensive) and refund you the other half paid.
Note too when ordering that you should select "walk in" for shipping. If you don't, the site might charge a small shipping fee on this contract. If it does we'll refund anything charged over the item cost.

Once we receive your pump and see what we have to work with, we would email you a rebuild quote which would basically be links to purchase parts from OSD for the rebuild. Once you've completed purchase of the parts needed for the rebuild, any parts not in stock will promptly be ordered in then the repair will be completed using the amount paid to cover labor and return shipping & handling. The completed pump will be shipped back to you using FedEx ground shipping. Any damaged/worn parts not used in the rebuild will be tossed in the scrap. If you decide against taking us up on a rebuild, we'll promptly return your parts unless you instruct us to do otherwise.


If you need instructions for removing the pump, check out this Pump Removal page.

If you want to assemble your own pump, check here and here for pump kits we now offer!

Typical old style aluminum pump BEFORE rebuild.

Typical old style aluminum pump AFTER rebuild.

1997 GTX Pump Refurb with new Solas XO impeller.

A 155mm pump we recently built for a 951 GTX

2010 4TEC NEW Pump Build w Used Solas

Below is an example of 140mm pump parts & labor for a recent build for a reference as to our pricing. Your actual pricing may vary a bit depending on what pump you have, the condition of parts, and parts required for the rebuild.

New OEM Impeller Housing (plastic vanes) = $249
(Used refurb discontinued bronze/plastic housing & OSD wear ring = $150)
New OSD Shaft = $69
New OSD wear ring = $35
New OSD bearings/seal kit = $39
New OEM Neoprene pump to plate seal = $6
New OSD Cone Kit with Anti Rattle components = $20

New Solas, Scat Trak, OEM Impellers as well as used ones available through this site

(Note aluminum pump housings might incur an additional fee for rebuilding depending on the condition)

Note we also occasionally get requests for people wanting us to install parts they buy from other online sources. We’ll tell you now we won’t do that since we’ve found aftermarket pump rebuild kits to be inferior to ours. The same goes for wear rings and some remanufactured impellers. Our wear rings are comparable to oem and our bearings/seal kits are better than any aftermarket we’ve seen and most times will cost less than other aftermarket as well.

Note also we tried using a very inexpensive company (who won't be named) for impeller refurbs but their quality left much to be desired so we no longer will use them under any circumstances in pump rebuilds. We send all impellers that need a refurb to Impros so if yours needs one, We’ll quote you their actual price plus shipping there and back. Note if you want to get your impeller refurbed beforehand to speed things up, please use Impros. If we get someone sending us a discount impeller refurb that doesn’t fit right and has poor quality, we won’t use it so keep that in mind. For the small extra cost, it’s well worth the money to go with Impros!

Note occasionally we may find damage to a pump not related to normal wear (broken bolts, damaged bearing races/surfaces, etc) that will take extra labor to repair. If that happens we may ask for extra labor to be ordered at the time parts for the repair are purchased.

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