OSD Sea Doo XP / HX / 3D Bearing Assy


Offered here is our complete Sea Doo seal carrier thatís better than OEM or aftermarket. With an oem seal carrier assembled to current specs with the seals they call for, you canít see the grease escape and thatís also the case with most aftermarket ones you'll see out there. Note also most aftermarket carriers use two double lip seals and thatís a bad idea since pumping in too much grease can blow out a seal then you have to take the shaft out to fix it. If you're using one of our bearing carriers that lets grease escape, you wonít have that worry!

Weíve assembled this new unit using a combination of oem and aftermarket parts but what makes ours different than the rest is the addition of a different design seal on the grease fitting side. Our OSD carrier is similar to an oem carrier in the fact that you have the superior sealing of the double lip seal but with the addition of a spring assisted single lip seal so grease can escape there once itís full. Basically, when you pump in grease, excess comes out the weaker single lip seal when full and youíll be able to see it. The seal carrier is personally assembled by us using new overstock oem and aftermarket parts and the seals are properly sealed into the carrier with Loctite 518. Besides the benefits of better quality and fit of oem parts, for the work involved with changing one of these itís hard to argue itís not worth spending a little more for one that's built to last.

    Built with the following componentsÖ
  • Seal Carrier ($31.99 retail)
  • Double Lip Seal ($16.99 retail)
  • Single Lip Seal ($14.99 retail)
  • 293350007 Torrington Bearing ($16.99 retail)

Fits the following Sea DoosÖ
1995-1997 HX
1997 XP
1998-1999 XP Limited
2000-2002 XP
2003-2004 XP DI
2004-2005 3D RFI
2006-2007 3D 947 DI

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