About Us

OSD Marine is a manufacturer of specialized kits and products for most makes of PWC and Jet boats. We've been in business since 2010 and are located in Mansfield, Ohio but ship all over the world regularly. Although many businesses like to tell you how big they are we can't do that since we're just a small independent business trying to survive and feed the family like everyone else these days.

What you will find once you've done any business with us is that we aren't your local dealer and if you've ever dealt with a watercraft dealer, you probably understand what we mean! If you have a question we'll try and help and we're pretty confident you'll find we're much more knowledgeable than most out there.

As for experience, we've been in the PWC field for over 20 years so we know what breaks and what you need to fix it. Our research and development department is continually working on new products and kits to help the PWC enthusiast do his own repair. Our goal is to keep your craft running even after oem parts no longer are available.

Over the years we have been a big supporter of PWCs (mainly Sea Doo) but noticed a problem with parts availability for older models. Many parts now have been discontinued for the 2 stroke models so our specialty has been to locate sources for replacement parts as well as offering custom kits and combo packages to make repairing your PWC easier. As we come up with new items we think will be a help to the PWC enthusiast, we will promptly add them so keep an eye out here since our offerings will be constantly increasing.

Due in large part to the fact that we buy out dealer overstock and closing dealers, we currently have literally thousands of oem parts in stock and our goal is to have all the common oem parts that break on hand. Therefore, if you see it in stock on our site we can almost always guarantee it's available. That way you don't have to wait like with your local shop or the many other sites you might run across. Most parts sellers are really just middlemen with no knowledge of your craft and don't handle or even actually stock the parts you order so they take much longer to deliver. We strive whenever possible to ship your order the day it's placed. Additionally, when you purchase an item from us we make every effort to make sure your order is right and correct for your make/year/model. Note at this time we mainly stock Sea Doo parts but have suppliers for almost all makes and models so if you don't see what you need on the site, e-mail us with details and we'll try and help!

About OEM parts and showing prices... You'll probably notice many sites online that don't show pricing for oem parts while we do. That's due to the fact that they are oem dealers and oem dealers aren't allowed to show prices that are less than retail. Since we aren't a dealer and on oem parts mostly offer nos (new old stock) parts that are purchased from closed dealers, that policy doesn't affect us. Therefore for items that are current (not discontinued), we'll always post prices and we always price below retail.

And about shipping... since we're the only major PWC parts supplier that exclusively ships with the USPS, we can offer the option of First Class shipping to US customers on small orders/lightweight items that means you can get parts to your door much cheaper than using the other guys who usually only ship with more expensive ground carriers. If you're in a hurry, Express Mail is 1-2 days to anywhere in the US and most times much cheaper than the other guys expedited options. You'll also find our Priority rates are reasonable and most times faster to your door than the expensive ground carriers. Note too since we almost exclusively ship with the USPS, that also means your packages can arrive Saturday without extra charges plus we usually ship on Saturdays too. For heavier items we ship exclusively with FedEx Ground and they also deliver on Saturdays at no extra cost. Once you factor in shipping, we think you'll find our parts prices to be the best you'll find. If not, let us know and we'll fix that!